Services & Capabilities

JMA has a wide range of capabilities that optimize and enable processes across supply chain, financial, audit readiness and systems security (cyber) disciplines, specifically:

Enterprise Application Design, Implementation and Sustainment

Our team is highly skilled in designing, implementing and sustaining legacy business software management tools such as SAP (all modules including HANA DB). We also have considerable expertise with Enterprise-level business intelligence tools such as SAS, COGNOS, Informatica, Data Stage and IBM Pure data for Analytics.

Legacy Application Modernization and Strategy

We provide a unique blend of functional process expertise and technological acumen that is enabling our clients to develop their IT systems portfolio optimization plan. We triage functional requirements, system capabilities and develop mitigation and migration plans to mitigate requirement shortfalls and eliminate capability overlaps. Our team is presently providing our Navy clients with a streamlined path for systems modernization.

Business Intelligence – Big Data Management, Data Integration, Data Analysis and Visualization

JMA has proven expertise in mining data from SAP and legacy transactional systems, integrating the data from disparate systems and building secure, custom data models with corresponding visualizations that meet our clients needs.  Our experts conceived, designed, implemented and now sustain a data warehouse with over 20 TB of Navy supply chain and readiness data. Throughout the design and implementation, our team conducted all cyber security testing and completed all appropriate risk management framework requirements to earn the system and authority to operate.

Cloud Migration – Moving Enterprise Applications and Analytical Systems to the Cloud

Presently, our team is working for Navy to forge the way ahead for cloud migration in an effort to reduce total ownership costs for supporting IT systems. Our portfolio optimization efforts described above are dovetailing into an overarching strategy that we are piecing together for our client.

Financial Analysis and Audit Readiness

As described earlier, JMA provides Navy with experts in sustaining the Navy’s SAP implementation (Navy ERP). Part of this responsibility is supporting audit readiness tasks and ensuring the enterprise system is transacting in an auditable fashion.  This effort involves applying knowledge of financial management and audit readiness standards to transaction process, then troubleshooting systems error and writing functional specs for system enhancements.

Business Process Engineering and Functional Analysis

To adequately perform the design, implementation and modernization tasks described above, our team also provides personnel with significant experience re-engineering business processes to create efficiencies and/or meet emerging regulations. We have trained Six Sigma black belts with experience in our client’s space, that facilitate appropriate process change that can be more seamlessly adapted to the enterprise system.

Professional Support Services

JMA also has a staffing arm that can provide public affairs support, book keeping and accounting services, and proposal development