Privacy Policy

JMA Resources, Inc. (JMA) respects your privacy and makes protecting your privacy our highest priority. In accordance with the applicable Online Privacy Protection Act(s), this privacy statement explains what information JMA gathers from you through our web site and how we may use the information that we gather.


Any personally identifiable information that JMA collects through the web site or online service about you, while you use or visit our website is information you voluntarily supply to us. Your personally identifiable information is used only to fulfill the capacity to which you have supplied or requested of us. JMA may share your personally identifiable information with our business partners only for the purposes to which you have requested of JMA. For instance, if you send us your resume, and we are not able to find a position for you, we may forward your resume to our business partners for the purposes of helping you find a position. However, at any time, you may contact JMA in writing and request that the information you have provided us not be sent to our business partners.

Should you decide to make changes to your personally identifiable information, you may do so by resending your information with your requested changes. JMA shall continue to maintain your privacy even through any changes to personally identifiable information that you have supplied to us.

JMA obtains non-individualized, generic information about your visit to our web site through the use of cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data which are sent by a web site to your web browser and are stored on your computer. Data derived from the cookies is aggregated and used by JMA for statistical tracking purposes. We use this information to understand general traffic patterns on our web site and to gauge and improve the web site’s effectiveness. The data is not used for individual identification and JMA in no way relates your personal information to these traffic pattern statistics.

If you are concerned about the use of cookies, you may configure your web browser to either request your specific acceptance of a cookie or disable cookies entirely. You will still be able to fully navigate our web site if you choose to refuse or disable cookies.

This privacy policy covers all of and those pages hosted by the domain. JMA is not responsible for the privacy policies of those organizations we link to from this site, nor are we responsible for the privacy policies of our business partners.

JMA reserves the right to modify or amend the policy at any time and for any reason. Any material changes to this statement will be posted with an effective revision date.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement please contact us at